PS Vita TV, The New Game Changer By Sony

Sony is now ready to take over the living-room and compete head-on with Roku, Apple TV and so many other dedicated devices.

PS Vita TV

Most of us associate the PlayStation brand with dedicated gaming consoles on the high specter, capable of doing a few more things here and there, but seems that Sony is betting on adding some more diversity to the brand with a completely new gadget in their ecosystem. Introducing, PS Vita TV.

At the last Tokyo Game Show, Andrew House showed this new device, part of the PlayStation family, a white box-shaped device not bigger than a wallet or a portable hard drive, and called it PlayStation Vita TV after their other portable console, the PlayStation Vita. This box is, put it simple, a set-top box TVs just like the Roku or Apple TV that can also play Playstation Vita (both digital and physical!), PSP, PSOne, and some other PSN content and games with a regular DualShock 3 or DualShock 4 controller.

And that’s not all, as besides being a low cost classic gaming console and TV box, it’s also a fantastic PS4 accessory that allows game streaming to another TV in the house without having to move the console itself. The device costs about $100 in yens, and while it’s announced for November 14th in Japan, it doesn’t have a launch date in the US or Europe… but we expect that to happen any time from now.

See the official trailer for the PS Vita TV just below these lines. Enjoy!

Source: PS3 Maven

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