Quest 8-bit Mats Turn Your Floor Into A Classic RPG

From the screen to your floors, now you can decorate a piece of your home like the map of a classic role-playing game.

Quest 8-bit Mats image 1

To think that a vast fantasy world, where brave knights, powerful wizards, and all kinds of mythical creatures inhabit the land, could easily be brought to life thanks to a few blocky pixels and a limited color palette. But that’s all we needed back in the “good old days” of the original Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest – something now you can bring to your humble abode.

From Japanese culture import shop, Jbox, comes these adorable role-playing-game floor mats where you can instantly turn the ground you walk on into a 8-bit fantasy land. Every “Quest 8-bit Mats” sets are basically building blocks that easily snap together and range from green grassfields, boulders, treasure boxes, castle blocks, and more.

Quest 8-bit Mats image 2

You only get four blocks in a set, precisely 30x30x4cm in size and with two base tiles and two special tiles, but for $6.85 (USD) each it shouldn’t be too costly to make a proper-sized RPG map for your living room, a gaming nook, or a children’s playroom. Each tile is made from a soft, cushy foam that also makes for a nice sound dampener.

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