Budgie Gets R2-D2 Paint Makeover

It is difficult to imagine that there could something be common between a bird and R2-D2. However, someone has uploaded a video that shows a budgie painted to look like that famous Star Wars robot.

It is not clear who painted the bird and with what colors, but the budgie certainly looks very cute with its R2-D2 paint makeover. One can’t begin to imagine what the bird must have thought at the idea of looking like R2-D2. Of course, the little budgie wouldn’t know anything except for its owner who really must be a Star Wars fan.

I only hope that the artist used nontoxic paints and colors, as that could prove to be injurious to animals. With such a perfect color scheme, I am sure this little budgie will win the hearts of every Star Wars fans out there. I am quite not sure about the animal lovers though.

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