Toast With R2-D2, The Drunk Droid – R2-D2 Can Cooler

Droids are full of oil, and that doesn’t get you drunk, nor tastes good. We think it’s time someone fixed this.r2_d2_can_cooler

Now, this is an officially licensed piece of merchandise which can be ordered here. This just goes to prove that you can just put R2-D2 anywhere, and create a great product that fans will like, and frankly, we can’t blame them. The product ships from Australia, so arm yourselves with patience, because it will be a while ’til you get to enjoy a beer as cool as Hoth.

We first saw this product at ThatsNerdalicious, so we send them our thanks. There’s more R2-D2 magic over here, at R2D2 Heineken Robot Sculpture and 16 Rockin’ R2-D2 Gadgets.