Get Irrational: The 5 Sickest Pi Tattoos

March 14 (AKA 3-14) is best known amongst geeks as Pi Day, and in order to commemorate it, some people decided to go the inky way. A true tribute is permanent, and hardly anything spells ‘geek’ like a Pi tattoo does, so we applaud this fine crowd’s dedication. If you’re ready to see some of the sickest Pi Tattoos in the world, just scroll down and enjoy.

Pi Back Tattoo


This goes to show that ‘geek’ and ‘sexy’ are not mutually exclusive, but on the contrary, greatly enhance each other. The source from this pic is Emily’s tumblr, which can be found over here. Now, sorry to disappoint, but according to her blog, she is already seeing someone. Tough luck.

Pi Arm Tattoo


Now, just so the girls don’t complain that we never post anything for them, here’s one of the coolest arm Pi tattoos we’ve seen, along with a lack of shirt for your delight. The source is this Twitter user. What we find particularly cool about this version of Pi is the many digits that fit and the changing sizes. Definitely a truly artistic tattoo.

Pi Chest Tattoo


Flannel and Pi: two things we love combined. Here’s a cool story about this tattoo found here: the tattoo is not done in a specific font you can request, but it’s the handwriting of a lady the model was dating at the time.

Pi Lip Tattoo


Usually, lip tattoos don’t work all that well, but we’ll be the first to admit that this geeky lady over here is a fine exception. Being that this is a lip tattoo, we’re glad she went the symbol way, as opposed to who knows how many digits. The source of this tattoo can be found here.

Shoulder Pi Tattoo


There’s not much available info on the source of this tattoo, but what we can mention is that we love the typography. Our only issue is that fitting many numbers (we’re talking of Pi, after all) in such a way gets messy and confusing, but hey, if it’s aesthetics over accuracy what you value the most, this guy definitely knows what he’s doing.

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