R2-D2 Drink Dispenser Fills Your Glass

The galaxy is saved and the rebels get to rest! Except for R2-D2, he’s a robot, so he needs something to do now that he’s not on an X-wing 24/7. How about dispensing drinks?


Now you can become the new Jabba the Hutt and have droids all over the place taking care of you. R2 will personally see that your glass always has a drink in it after becoming the most kickass beverage dispensing droid ever. Well, the geekiest one at least. See it working in the video below:

Source: Hack a day

If you couldn’t tell, we really do love our buddy R2. If you can’t get enough of him either, here’s some other gadgets themed after him: R2-D2 Guitar Could Rock Out The Death Star and R2-D2 And C-3PO USB Drives: Can It Project Holograms?

R2-D2 Headphones - CNET Loaded 12.14.2010