RC Millenium Falcon drone is unbelievably cool

As if drones weren’t geeky enough yet, here comes one shaped as the Millenium Falcon from the Star Wars movies. There’s nothing wrong with going full geek.

RC Millenium Falcon 1

This special drone you see above is the creation of a redittor by the name Olivier-FR – it’s themed after the Millenium Falcon, and although we don’t know how fast it can do the Kessel Run, we know it can accelerate up to 18 miles per hour. The drone is a quad copter without FPV and GoPro shenanigans that instead uses an incredibly detailed Star Wars chasis that the author even shared so everyone can make their own.

RC Millenium Falcon 2

The fun doesn’t end here, though. The author has already mentioned that his next project is going to be based around the TIE Fighter’s design – now we’ll just need some X-wings and we’ll be ready to recreate our own battle for Hoth.

Via Engadget

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