Recycled Radio? How Environmentally Sound!

The Green Revolution has inspired many to stop and consider the environmental repercussions of their actions. In this digital era, however, few electronic companies have found ways to make their products green. Who says you can’t make a radio out of recycled paper? That may soon be a reality with the Environmentally Sound concept radio.

Environmentally Sound

Irish product designer Chris McNicholl came up with Environmentally Sound, a nifty radio that offers beauty in its simplicity. Not just a fun play on words, Environmentally Sound can actually revolutionize the way people appreciate electronics and ecology.

Environmentally Sound 4

This concept radio comes as a flat parcel, with all parts like the recycled cardboard, circuitry, and knobs included for assembly. The owner is given the unique chance of interacting with the device as he builds it. The radio’s body is formed by folding the cardboard flaps along the lines, and the circuits are inserted into the cardboard sleeves then slotted into the radio body.

Environmentally Sound 3

Environmentally Sound 2

Environmentally Sound is powered with two AA batteries, with simple control knobs for the volume and the tuner. Audio can be heard through the perforated cardboard, while signal reception can be adjusted via the included antenna. The designer explains that this basic radio look is reminiscent of such gadgets used in the 1960s.

Beyond being a creative designer, Chris McNicholl aims to establish an interaction between consumers and products. He keeps in mind social and ethical issues that can be bridged by his innovative projects. This is his inspiration for his many designs, some of which have been published in magazines and have won international acclaim.

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