With this Ring, I Pronounce you Man and Droid

One man professes his love two things with one ring – everything Star Wars related and his now-fiance. How would you feel about an R2-D2 inspired engagement ring? One happy woman said, “Yes!”

All girls think about what their engagement ring is going to look like. Is it going to be a pear shaped diamond surrounded by smaller little diamonds, or a single solitaire diamond on a white gold wedding band? Is it going to include stones of another color, or is it going to be more traditional looking? Is the wedding band going to look reminiscent of the bleeping and booping robot from Star Wars, R2-D2? Wait (cue in quick rewind noise), an R2-D2 inspired engagement ring? It can’t be. But actually it is.

There once was a boy named Joe who met his girlfriend, Emily, at a tattoo shop they both worked at. They bonded over childhood memories, stories behind their tattoos, and of course, Star Wars. So, when it was time to pop the question, Joe could not settle on just any engagement ring, but one that had a special meaning behind it. For him, R2-D2 proved to be the best concept for a beautiful engagement ring.

Read the story on how he proposed below and then watch a video of it happening. Here’s a warning – you might need tissues!

Every year on Halloween [the people at the shop] get all geeked out in costume and work. This year, I had gotten the ring the day before… It wasn’t my original plan, but seemed to all fall into place. Emily dressed up as Lucy Van Pelt from Peanuts and asked me to couple up and go as Charlie Brown. So, as well all gathered for a photo in front of the ship I started to ramble a bit and then popped the question. I wanted to share the moment with the parties responsible… I know it would have been better in Star Wars gear, but that might have compromised the bigger picture. Even though Charlie Brown proposing to Lucy is still kind of a fun thing to do. Yes, we are also Peanuts geeks! I rock a Linus tattoo and also have the G.I. Joe sleeping bag from my childhood that I still use nightly. There are many levels of geek not only in this story but also in our lives.

(Via: Geekologie)

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