200 Father’s Day Gift Ideas for Geeky Dads

Happy Father’s Day! For those who are looking for some cool and geeky Father’s Day Gift ideas, we put together a huge collection of many gadgets, iPad and iPhone accessories, Watches and many more great gifts that are perfect for a Geek Dad. 

Magnetic Bucky Balls

fathers day gift ideas magnetic bucky balls 2011

Bucky Balls are magnetic building spheres that supply your father with hours upon hours of building fun. With these, a geek could build sculptures, designs, jewelry and many other shapes.

Available for $29.99-34.99

Remote Controls

Here are two variations to the regular Remote Control that has been around for years. One includes a built-in bottle opener to always have the ability to pop open a beer bottle, and the other is for adult Harry Potter fans with the programmable Magic Wand TV remote.

fathers day gift ideas bottle opener remote control 2011

Universal Remote with Bottle Opener: Available for $14.99

fathers day gift ideas magic wand remote control 2011

Magic Wand Programmable TV Remote: Available for $89.99

Universal Gadget Wrist Charger

fathers day gift ideas universal bracelet charger 2011

For fathers who are always on the go who need to have additional power for their smartphones and various gadgets come this charging bracelet. It provides +2 Battery life and can even charge your gadgets while they are in use.

Available for $39.99

Star Wars Gadgets

For the Star Wars dads out there, here are two cool gift ideas: the Star Wars MP3 alarm clock lamp or the R2D2 USB hub (http://walyou.com/r2-d2-gadgets/). Both are extremely geeky and will make any geek happy to be one.

fathers day gift ideas star wars mp3 alarm clock lamp 2011

Star Wars MP3 Alarm Clock Lamp available for $49.99

fathers day gift ideas star wars r2d2 usb hub 2011

R2D2 USB Hub Available for $39.99

Bluetooth Keyboard Case for Samsung Galaxy Tab

fathers day gift ideas samsung galaxy tab bluetooth keyboard 2011

If your father owns a Samsung Galaxy Tab, then he will definitely appreciate and find the bluetooth keyboard as a useful accessory.

Available for $59.99

Gadgets for the Handy Man Dads

For some cool accessories for the handyman out there comes the Switch Modular Pocket Knife with many handy tools as well as the Digital Measuring Tape, which brings the old-time tool to a digital age.

fathers day gift ideas switch modular pocket knife 2011

Pocket Knife available for $59.99

fathers day gift ideas digital measuring tape 2011

Digital Measuring Tape Available for $19.99

Geeky Fashion

Here are a few great fashion clothing items for the geeky dads. We have some Marvel Superhero Hoodies, which include Captain America and Spiderman and there are also great Bath robes for the Jedi or the Trekkie.

fathers day gift ideas marvel superhero hoodie 2011

Marvel Hoodies run for $49.99 each

fathers day gift ideas star trek bath robe 2011

The Star Trek Bath robes run between $39.99-59.99

fathers day gift ideas star wars jedi bath robe 2011

Jedi Bath Robe is Available for $89.99

Electronic Rock Guitar Shirt

fathers day gift ideas electronic guitar rock shirt 2011

Rock on like a true rock star with the Electronic Guitar T-Shirt, which is only well designed, but allows you to play some tunes.

Available for $29.99

Logitech Touch Lapdesk

fathers day gift ideas logitech touch lapdesk n600 2011

The Logitech Touch Lapdesk N600 is an amazing accessory for any dad who uses his notebook frequently. Not only does it make it more comfortable and safe to have your laptop on your lap, but it also consists of a large touchpad that pulls out easily.

Isis Impossible Metal Puzzle

fathers day gift ideas isis impossible metal puzzle 2011

To make sure your dad stays off of your case, the Isis Impossible Metal Puzzle is a challenging, exciting and great looking puzzle game to keep him busy.

Available for $174.99 – $229.99

3D View Digital Camera

fathers day gift ideas 3d view digital camera 2011

  • 3D Camera features built-in glasses-free 3D display
  • Shoot 5MP still photos or 720P video in 3D
  • Two lenses and dual image sensors for shooting in 3D
  • Plus many more features …

Available for $119.99

Awesome Watches for Father’s Day

Below are some exciting and trendy LED Watches that can make any geek just a bit cooler. Besides being futuristic looking, they are also a bit more challenging for telling the time, but it isn’t anything any Dad can’t get used to.

Kisai Tenmetsu

fathers day gift ideas led watches tenmetsu 2011

The Kisai Tenmetsu Watch is a classic design from Tokyoflash which not only tells the time in 3 separate colors but looks as if it is a replica from some retro Star Trek episode.

Available for $109.99.

Changing Lanes

fathers day gift ideas led watches changing lanes 2011

While this watch makes telling the time a challenging thing like weaving in and out of traffic, the LED colors and design are something most other Fathers surely won’t have.

Available for $159.99.

Kisai Keisan

fathers day gift ideas led watches kisai keisan 2011

With this particular LED Watch, a user must follow the vertical lines and add up the numbers to arrive at the exact time. It is available with Red or Green LED.

Available for $159.99.

Traffic LED Watch

fathers day gift ideas led watches traffic 2011

Figure out the time as you are staring into a Traffic Grid on your colorful and stylish LED Watch.

Available for $189.99.

Kisai Console

fathers day gift ideas led watches kisai console 2011

3 separate sections light up this watch with vibrant Green LED to help you tell the hour, minutes and even seconds.

Available for $179.99.


fathers day gift ideas led watches denshoku 2011

With elegance, cleanliness and bright LED, the Denshoku is a great choice for a fashion item. It displays the hour and minutes easily with the number of lit bars.

Available for $179.99.

RPM and RPM SS LED Watches

fathers day gift ideas led watches rpm 2011

With a few different styles to choose from, the RPM LED watches grant a simple design that modifies the watch style we are all accustomed to. Many fathers will love it for the ‘down to earth’ feel.

The RPM and RPM SS are available for $189.99-199.99.

fathers day gift ideas led watches rpm ss 2011

S-Mode Oberon

fathers day gift ideas led watches oberon 2011

Another simple styled LED watch with the colors telling the time within the face instead of the outside.

Available for $199.99.

Escape C LED Watch

fathers day gift ideas led watches escape c 2011

This great LED watch does more then just tell the time, for it includes Bluetooth connectivity to allow you to control your tunes and answer your phone or Skype calls.

Available for $89.99.

iPad Accessories

With the extreme popularity of the iPad, it is very likely your father already owns one. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t great accessories and iPad gadgets out there to make their iToy even more enjoyable. Below are some great docks, keyboards and more addons that are sure to inspire.

Angry Birds iPad 2 Cases

fathers day gift ideas angry birds ipad 2 case 2011

Besides playing the Angry Birds all day long, here is a chance to protect your brand new iPad 2 with a colorful and mad-angry case of those birds we can’t get enough of.

Available for $29.99.

Virtual Keyboard for iPad/iPhone

fathers day gift ideas virtual keyboard ipad 2011

The virtual keyboard is a cool way to bring a keyboard to any flat surface, without the noise or bulk.

Available for $169.99.

Zaggmate with Keyboard iPad Case

fathers day gift ideas zaggmate with keyboard ipad case 2011

The Zaggmate not only provides a hard shell case to protect your iPad, but it also has a built in keyboard, so you always have one with you your iPad.

iPad Alarm Clock Dock

fathers day gift ideas ipad dock alarm clock 2011

A practical iPad Dock that also acts as a digital alarm clock to wake you up with your favorite tunes.

iPad Speakers Dock

fathers day gift ideas ipad dock speakers 2011

Sync your iPad with a cool new dock that sports some great side speakers when watching movies or listening to your music.

iCapsule iPad Keyboard Case

fathers day gift ideas icapsule ipad case keyboard 2011

Another variation of a case/keyboard for your iPad that connects via bluetooth and protects your precious iPad as well.

iPad Joystick

fathers day gift ideas ipad joystick fling 2011

If you love playing games on your iPad and want a simple joystick for added functionality, then the Fling Game Controller for the iPad may be the way to go. It connects easily, and provides actual pads to enhance your experience.

Clamcase iPad Case with Keyboard and Tilt

fathers day gift ideas clamcase ipad case keyboard 2011

A great iPad Case which protects your iPad, includes a built in bluetooth keyboard, a tilt mechanism for movies and a slim design.

Wooden iPad Dock

fathers day gift ideas wooden ipad dock 2011

The Wooden iPad Dock is a cool variation on the modern docks that are futuristic looking and sometimes monotone.

Crux iPad Laptop Case

fathers day gift ideas crux ipad case keyboard 2011

The Crux iPad Case practically makes your iPad into a laptop, but much slimmer.

Custom iPad Holder/Dock

fathers day gift ideas custom ipad dock 2011

Combining the iPad with an old school style, this custom iPad holder acts as a dock and adds some real art into your office space.

iPad Frame from Griffin

fathers day gift ideas ipad frame 2011

A cool iPad frame/holder that works for both horizontal and vertical viewing angles without the hefty weight.

Dockem iPad Dock

fathers day gift ideas dockem ipad dock 2011

A universal dock that will work for your iPad, iPhone and other smartphones or tablets. Instead of taking space on an actual desk or nightstand, your iPad can rest easily in the easy to install dockem.

Leather Case and Mustache iPad Stand

fathers day gift ideas ipad leather case stand 2011

Everyone loves a mustache, and with this iPad mustache stand, you may also find it is useful for your adored iGadget. It comes together with a beautiful and unique leather case.

Soundjaw iPad Sound Enhancement

fathers day gift ideas soundjaw ipad sound funnel 2011

The Soundjaw is a simple and practical addon to your iPad that works to enhance the iPad with a sound funnel.

iPhone Accessories, Gadgets and Camera Enhancements

Just like the iPad, the iPhone is also one of the most popular gadgets out there, and with that, many fans are releasing some amazing concepts to the market. Below are some of our favorites for all iPhone fans to consider for their geeky dads.

Shtreeam iPhone 3D

fathers day gift ideas iphone 3d image video shtreeam 2011

With the different Shtreeam iPhone Accessories, users will be able to take 3D photos and record 3D video with their iPhone.

iShuttr iPhone Camera

fathers day gift ideas iphone ishuttr camera mount 2011

With the iShuttr Case, iPhone users will have an amazing flash available for picture taking, as well as a method to attach the iPhone to a tripod for professional photography needs.

Dexim iPhone AV Dock

fathers day gift ideas iphone dock dexim 2011

The Dexim iPhone Dock is great for the photography and video enthusiasts out there, for it grants a simple dock for viewing your images/movies via your television. It consists of the proper connection cables, dock and even a remote to control the movies and music.

GoPano 360º iPhone Camera

fathers day gift ideas iphone 360 degrees video gopano 2011

With GoPano, you are be able to take 360º images/videos as it attaches to your camera and records what is going on in front, behind and to the sides of you simultaneously.

Trumpet iPhone Speakers

fathers day gift ideas trumpet iphone speakers 2011

This is more of a mod, but the name says it all: Trumpet iPhone Speakers.

Point and shoot on your iPhone

fathers day gift ideas iphone point and shoot redpop 2011

RedPop iPhone Accessory brings the simple and old-school point and shoot functionality to your iPhone.

Kogeto Dot Panoramic iPhone

fathers day gift ideas iphone panoramic images kogeto dot 2011

Take panoramic images with your iPhone thanks to the Kogeto Dot accessory.

HipstaMatic iPhone Case

fathers day gift ideas iphone tripod mount hipstacase 2011

Revisit the old-school days with HipstaMatic, which is designed to look like a retro styled camera. At the same time, it also has the tripod adapter, so you can mount it steady like the old days.

db iPhone Case

fathers day gift ideas iphone sound case db 2011

Similar with concept as the Soundjaw iPad case, the db iPhone Case adds an extra enhancement to the sound by the use of a funnel like design.

Vyne iPhone’s Hands Free Accessory

fathers day gift ideas hands free iphone accessory vynn 2011

A simple (and a little weird) accessory for your iPhone that brings a hands free viewing experience for iPhone users. With Vynn, you can easily sit and watch movies on your iPhone without the need to hold the iPhone in your hands for the entire feature.

Wooden iPhone Dock

fathers day gift ideas wooden iphone dock 2011

Add some style to your bedroom or office with the wooden iPhone dock that is elegant, minimalistic and compact.

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