New Japanese robot makes inari sushi at lightning speeds

A new sushi-making robot has been invented in Japan; it can make up to 2500 fried tofu rolls per hour, but at a steep price – the machine costs $50,000!

As further proof that robots will one day rule the world, a new Japanese robot has been invented. Previously, in order to make inari sushi, chefs had to manually stuff rice into fried triangles or squares of tofu. But now, thanks to Suzumo-based designers, this machine can do it for them!

The machine uses puffs of air to open each piece of tofu and insert the rice; it’s so efficient and accurate, in fact that it can make as many as 2,500 pieces of inari sushi per hour! Or if that’s just too much sushi, it can also be run on the lower speed of 1,200 piece per hour. The only part of the process requiring human intervention is the beginning, when a chef must fill the machine with rice, and then arrange the tofu on the machine’s circular shelf.

Although this robot is efficient, it’s not exactly affordable – except for those who have a spare $50,000 laying around. It first went on sale in April, and is an improvement upon previously-conceived versions; this latest version’s patent-pending system allows rice to get into all the way into the corners of the tofu, making for a delicious, rice-filled snack!

We heard about this sushi machine through POPSCI, who posted an awesome video of the robot in action, seen below.