Roku App on Apple Watch Is Now Available

Roku App on Apple Watch

Roku, the online media player which revolutionized over-the-top media services almost a decade ago is now available on Apple Watch. To use the Roku App on Apple Watch, you need to update the mobile app to version 6.13 on your iPhone. Roku will then automatically appear on your Apple Watch. Roku App for your Apple Watch is free to download and use, and the perfect way to make sure you don’t lift a finger to watch your favorite show on the TV. The new update brings with a number of features that are impressive.

Let us take a look at what you can expect when you use the Roku App on Apple Watch

  • Control your Roku device remotely

All you need to do is to wear your Apple Watch, sit back and enjoy streaming content. The application on Apple Watch is the same as the one on your phone, albeit the size of your watch screen. In addition, you also can use the circular crown to control volume.

  • Launch your favorite channels easily

All you need to do to launch your favorite channel is to tap your watch screen. All the channels are sorted by your most-recently launched, and that automatically ensures that you launch your frequently watched channels quickly

  • Try the voice search feature

You can speak to your Apple Watch and utter commands like : Launch Hulu”, “Switch to HDMI 1” etc. However, this is available only on certain Roku devices.

  • Never lose a remote again

We all know the frustration of losing remotes. You no longer have to search for your Roku remote as the Roku app on your Apple Watch can send a signal to your Roku remote so that it plays a sound. This feature is available only on select devices.

Make sure you move around

Certainly, the update is a great blessing to those who already use Roku, and have an Apple Watch as well. Although, one must observe that using an iPhone, an Apple Watch, a Roku device, and a TV creates a barrier of gadgets that could stop you from moving around. Do get some exercise while you allow these gadgets to communicate with each other and tempt you to remain seated all the time.

Get a Roku device and a snazzy TV to match

As you can see, Roku is a great way to keep yourself entertained without spending much. The latest update brings with it a slew of features that make your streaming experience more enjoyable than ever before. Most importantly, your Apple Watch transforms into a Roku remote. You can easily launch channels, search for content using your own voice, and search where you lost your remote. In short, this is a great update to those who already have an Apple Watch and love to watch streaming content. If you don’t have Roku yet, go ahead and get a Roku device. It’s a decision that you will not regret.

Try these TVs to go along with Roku App on Apple Watch

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