Apple Unveils iOS 13.4 beta 6 and iPadOS Beta 6 for Developers

iOS 13.4 beta 6

Apple announced the launch of iOS 13.4 beta 6 and iPadOS beta 6 to developers earlier today. This is almost like the final version of the operating systems, just before it is launched to the public. It may arrive as soon as on Tuesday, and is expected to be packed with some impressive features. Apple has consistently launched new updates in order to remain ahead of its competitors. This is mostly because other companies have quickly risen in both emerging and established markets. More on that later. 

Apple’s iOS 13.4 beta 6 and iPadOS beta 6 Are Out for Developers

Here are the key list of features that one can expect when iOS 13.4 and iPadOS launch next week. 

  • Users will have access to some attractive Memoji stickers
  • The Files app will have novel features that will make it easy to manage local files
  • CarKey will allow NFC-enabled car owners to lock, unlock and start their cars
  • The App Store will come with better features as well, making it easier to purchase applications and games
  • Apple Arcade will boast of universal purchase support and a lot of other things

Why Is Apple Launching New Updates Often?

In the beginning, Apple did not have many competitors at all. Soon enough, Samsung came around and started to take up Apple’s market share. However, in recent years, many other companies have upstaged both Apple and Samsung. Android’s popularity has risen too, as many people find Apple’s products expensive. With these factors in mind, companies like Huawei, OnePlus, Oppo and others have launched premium smartphones at affordable prices. This pricing strategy has harmed Apple as it finds itself unable to win the price war. 

What it can do in order to keep its market share intact is to bring new features and updates to keep iPhones and iPads safe and secure. A quick review of literature will reveal that though iOS devices are not as secure as one might believe, they are still way ahead of Android devices when it comes to offering protection. Thus, Apple has been consistently launching new updates in order to promote iOS and iPad devices as some of the most secure in the world. This includes iOS 13.4 beta 6 and iPadOS Beta 6 and helps Apple to earn enterprise trust. After all, there is more money to be made by tying up with large organizations, and that is exactly what Apple has succeeded to do.