Apple’s Leaked iOS 14 Build Reveals New Over-ear Headphones

Over-ear Headphones

In yet another leak regarding an Apple product, a leading tech magazine revealed that Apple may launch a new pair of over-ear headphones. The publication obtained the code for Apple’s iOS 14 update, albeit an early build. The code consists of two icons for connected headphones in iOS and iPadOS. The icons are both dark and light, which suggests that Apple will offer a minimum of two colors. The leak seems to be genuine as Apple’s previous headphones have similarly been leaked in the past. 

What are the unique features of the new over-ear headphones?

There isn’t much information available at the moment but one can assume that these earphones will be similar to AirPods in a number of ways. They will come with a similar seamless pairing process. They may also boast of an auto-pause function. This means, when the user removes the headphones, the audio automatically stops. iOS 14 may only arrive this fall, and there is a lot of time for the actual specifics to be confirmed. People have been waiting for these premium headphones from a long time and the rumors have existed for a long time too. 

Will these headphones be better than AirPods?

It is important to remember that customers have often criticized Apple’s AirPods. They have suggested that they do not stick in the ear as they might like them to. Some also complain that the audio quality isn’t all that great. Others suggest that AirPods may also pose health risks to some individuals. Hopefully, Apple will take care of at least a few problems that people have with AirPods, when it launches these new premium headphones. 

Apple may launch the new over-ear headphones to beat competition

Apple is under severe competition lately. A number of companies have surpassed traditional rivals such as Samsung. Oppo, Huawei, and other companies have given both Apple and Samsung a run for their money. Consequently, Apple is under immense pressure to launch products that are not only premium but also affordable. As a result, these premium headphones maybe competitively priced, and may not be astronomically priced. However, one will have to take a cautious approach and wait and watch. More details will arrive in the coming months surely.