Samsung hints at Rugged Galaxy S4 and Tablet for Summer 2013

Fans of Samsung’s flagship android devices have already gotten their feet wet with the release of the S4, but there’s more coming this summer!


The long-awaited Galaxy S4 is quickly finding its way in the hands of excited users across the world, since its release on the 26th of April. With universally positive reviews, the Korean company is making leaps and bounds with its flagship “Galaxy” branded devices. As the sales for these android powered devices are soaring, and giving Apple a run in the smartphone market, the demand for a tougher and more rugged smartphone has not gone to deaf ears to the Korean manufacturer.

In a press conference, Samsung Gulf’s Young Soo Kim was said to have made a casual comment regarding an upcoming rugged version of the S4 available to the market. While these are easily discarded as mere speculations, sources from the wall street journal have stated that the upcoming Galaxy S4 Active (as it’s rumored to be named) will have the same toughness and rugged durability of previous phones on its lineup, like the Rugby series, and the Xcover2.  Also of interest is the rumor of an upcoming 8-inch Galaxy tablet, which would suggest that the new Note 8.0 is going to be receiving a big brother in the coming future.

The Korean company has not yet made a statement regarding the possibility of these devices, but you can expect the internet to explode with news of these anticipated devices when Samsung releases some information to the general public.

Let’s be honest, everyone could use a tougher cell phone and avoid the tiresome warranties that happen after some unfortunate incidents and scratches from daily wear and tear, so stay tuned!

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Source: Engadget and The Wall Street Journal