Strap a smartphone to your head: Samsung’s game-changing VR

Samsung are dead-set on not playing second fiddle to Apple any more, and in order to do that, experimentation is at order. This is what we know about Samsung’s VR sets.


It took Facebook acquiring Occulus for everyone else to realize that, yes, people have a real interest in virtual reality technology, and not only for gaming. Eager to jump into the action, Samsung has decided to try their hand at it too.

By partnering with Oculus VR, who had already acquired a bunch of technology from Samsung such as their fantastic OLED screens, Samsung is testing grounds for future headsets. Instead of working at their own headset or make their phones compatible with Occulus peripherals, Samsung intends to make smartphones the device itself. What this means is that Samsung intends for users to strap a phone to their heads.

Current prototypes of what would be Samsung’s first headset are running on the Galaxy S4 hardware, but we’ll most likely see the finished version in the eventual S5, meant to have a screen that goes well beyond HD. It is unknown as of now which models exactly would be supported. The benefits this would provide, though, would be great when it comes to gaming, watching video, and getting inmersed inside pictures taken in many angles. Future, we’re getting there.

Source: Versus

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