Samsung Reveals Foldable Phone Concept and One UI 2 Project

Samsung foldable phone concept

If you thought foldable phones were a thing of the past, think again. Samsung just announced the concept for a brand new foldable phone at its developer conference. The concept does not have a name yet and looks eerily similar to the traditional flip phone. The company stated that the purpose of this phone was to make it fit easily in one’s pockets. Hyesoon Jeong of Samsung revealed that people often find modern phones bulky, thanks to their large screens. Samsung’s new cellphone could pave way for the return of the flip phone. 

What is the new foldable phone concept all about?

At the moment, there is no information about the hardware of the purported device. It is also not clear if this cellphone will ever go into production. However, Samsung seems serious about bringing a revolution to the cellphone industry. After all, cellphone design has stagnated at the moment, and every smartphone manufactured by every tech major looks more or less like the other. However, Samsung did use the opportunity of announcing this concept phone to discuss its One UI project. 

Samsung discusses One UI 2 at the conference

Samsung has been trying to improve the UI of its Android platform and One UI is the company’s pet project at the moment. In fact, Samsung is already working on One UI 2. The new UI is expected to look something like what you might have experienced on Note 10 and S10. Some of the most important features of One UI 2 are listed below:

  • You can easily glance at information on your screen, making processing information in your mind quicker
  • One-handed use is set to become much easier on Samsung smartphones
  • Bright colors and vibrant hues will make using your cellphone an enjoyable experience
  • Animated icons may appeal to younger users who are often more visually oriented
  • A dark mode, similar to what other companies have already begun to offer

A step in the right direction

Certainly, Samsung has a lot of things to do at the moment in order to compete with the likes of Apple and Mi. The foldable phone is a step in the right direction, and we do hope that the company launches this sometime soon. It is also thoughtful of Samsung to focus on the Android user interface, as the current UI on Samsung smartphones can go a long way in terms of improvement. Keep watching this space for more updates on Samsung’s new foldable phone concept.