Samsung Tab S’ Black Level and Thickness Are a Tough Match for iPad Air

Apple’s iPad Air will finally have to step down from its ivory tower, as there’s a new tablet in town that’s claiming the best tablet in the world title.

The only things that the iPad Air ruled upon were the design, the thickness and the display, thanks to the Retina technology. Other than that, the processing power of Apple’s tablet wasn’t exactly otherworldly. Luckily for Android fans, Samsung decided to launch Tab S, a tablet that won’t be that easy to beat. It features an amazing display with never-seen-before-in-a-tablet levels of black, it’s incredibly slim, and it has a sleek design that will make a lot of heads turn.

I mentioned that the levels of black are unmatched in tablets because the technology was actually ported by Samsung from its smartphones. More precisely, the Tab S comes with a Super AMOLED display that renders black beautifully. This makes text extraordinarily crisp, and colors so bright that put Skittles to shame. Because of the crisp text, books and magazines are easier to read on Tab S that pretty much on any other tablet. The 2560×1600(WQXGA)resolution also helps a lot in that respect.

At 6.6 mm in thickness, Tab S is thinner than the iPad Air by 0.9 mm. That should give Apple a purpose in life, as until now this company was only after people’s money, their strongest argument being the design.

Samsung made it quite clear that the Tab S wasn’t built for Candy Crush Saga. Don’t get me wrong, that game (and many others) will run flawlessly on this Android tablet, but it would be a pity to waste all that power and incredible design on such activities. If it wasn’t obvious already, the Tab S was built for office work, it’s design and specs making it a productivity beast.

Of course, there already are a lot of Apple fanboys that claim that the Tab S won’t ever be able to match the iPad Air, despite all the clear differences. They argue that Apple controls both the hardware and the software of its products, while Samsung can only take care of the hardware, while the OS remains in Google’s care. Of course, they also point out that Android is inferior to iOS, but I always fail to see why.

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