Sandwich Sandals – A Whole New Meaning For “Footlong”

Are those a pair of sandwiches in your feet, or am I just happy to see you? Oh, I guess it’s just sandwiches.

Pick up your jaw, pal. These are indeed Sandwich-themed sandals, which are definitely non edible. And even if they were, go and stand on a sandwich, and then try to eat it. See how that goes. Go on, we dare you. Now, seriously, although these look pretty cool, we’re wondering how hard it’d be to stand and walk with these. Oh, well, if looking delicious is what matters the most to you, this product might be just what you needed.

This lead comes courtesy of our pals at Bits and Pieces. Thanks, guys! For more sandwich-themed stuff check out Your Presents Just Got Tastier: Cheeseburger Wrapping Paper and Lego Cheeseburger Combo is Brickalicious!. Damn, now we’re hungry.