New Coffee, Old Games: The Gameboy Mug

As opposed to our coffee, which we prefer just made, we like our games classic. Now it is time someone combined both.


The Gameboy mug was created so we could reminisce the early 90s, when the battery operated system was all the rage. We’re pretty sure most of our readers have played Super Mario Land, Link’s Awakening or Pokémon Red & Pokémon Blue, just to name some classic titles that appeared on Nintendo’s handheld. Combine that with a touch of delicious coffee, and now you’re ready to face the day.


Although the cup reads “Game Over”, we’re always game for some more coffee. This mug was created by a college student, but we first heard about it from Ufunk. For more Gameboy-themed gadgets, check out Putting The “Boy” (Or Girl) Back In Gameboy – Baby Gameboy and Nintendo Game Boy iPod Mod.