12 Sexiest Artworks of Comic Book Characters

Let’s face it, comic book nerds are incredibly horny, so you can expect the sexiest character to get an even sexier and revealing adaptation when it comes to fan art.

The best in the field when it comes to bringing out the best out of these super powered (most of ’em) gals has to be Artgerm, or Stanley Lau, who simply gets better and better with every artwork (not only those oozing of you know what) he comes out with.

Power Girl, Kara Zor-L or Karen Starr

The Black Canary once mentioned that Power Girl has the top bosom in the DC Universe, comparing her assets with a “national treasure”.

Wonder Woman

The old costume does look better on her.


Just like Carlsberg, she’s probably the sexiest beer  burglar in the world.

Supergirl (Kara from Earth One)

Black Cat

The one girl Peter Parker should end up with, instead of a few annoying others.

Jean Grey


Somewhat of a continuation of Jean Grey, picking up her telekinesis.

Ms Marvel

In recent turn of events, Carol Danvers actually becomes the latest incarnation of Captain Marvel.

Emma Frost

Cyclops sure knows how to pick a woman.

Sue Richards, the Invisible Woman

In my opinion, a bit too hot for Reed Richards. But, he is the most amazing scientific mind in the universe, or something along those lines.

Harley Quinn

Haven’t decided if she’s more insane than she is hot.

Poison Ivy

For the rest of Artgerm’s works and galleries, go to his deviantART page.