15 Cool Umbrellas For Kids

Whether it’s snow, spring or summer season, parents must bring umbrellas for kids at all times. So if you are looking to buy some cool umbrellas for kids, we’ve got you covered with some of the match-making ones including Star Wars, Marvel and other DC Comics characters that are suitable cool umbrellas for boys. And for the little princesses, we’ve collected some of Hello Kitty, Barbie, and other Disney characters umbrella for girls.

Scroll down below for the 15 cool umbrellas for kids:

1)  Star Wars Umbrella for Kids

Star Wars Umbrella for Kids

This universe-themed Star Wars umbrella for boys or girls is an officially licensed Star Wars product. The cooler part is, the color changes when wet. The cloth itself is a liquid reactive material which makes it even fun for kids. It includes branded nylon sleeve and more. In our top 15 geeky and cool umbrealls for kids, this Starwars Umbrella is a must-have to use to force and avoid the rain.

2) Mickey Mouse Umbrella for Kids

Bright Red Mickey Mouse Umbrella for Kids

Whenever we come across the rainy season, we tend to think of mud. And kids are naturally messy. And so, parents will need a hand-wash umbrella. Thankfully, this bright red Micky Mouse umbrella that is lightweight is one perfect choice. Being it 100% polyester, it’s safe for kids. Not to forget, this includes a matching coat and rain boots!

3) Minnie Mouse Umbrella for Kids

Minnie Mouse Umbrella for Kids

And of course, we’ve got a bright red Minnie Mouse umbrella for girls! Similar to the Mickey Mouse umbrella for boys, it is 100% polyester, hand-wash friendly and has a matching raincoat and boots. With its polka-dots style, it’s perfect for little red dresses.

4) Pink Hello Kitty Umbrella for Girls


This cute pink Hello Kitty umbrella is made for every little girl out there. With its adorable polka-dots design, big Hello Kitty Sticker and lace, it is a perfect match for white or pink dresses. The umbrella has an easy/close feature, hand-wash friendly and is 100% polyester. It is also durable which makes it perfect for any season.

5)  Disney Frozen Anna, Elsa & Olaf Girl’s Umbrella

Disney Frozen Anna, Elsa & Olaf Girl's Umbrella

Here we have every little girl’s favorite, Anna and Elsa from Frozen! This colorful umbrella that has Anna, Elsa and Olaf’s stickers is made of resistant nylon on an aluminum frame. It also has an easy sliding mechanism designed for kids. So, don’t miss out this Disney Frozen-themed umbrella for girls!

6. PJ Masks Little Assorted Character Rainwear Umbrella

PJ Masks Little Assorted Character Rainwear Umbrella

Is your son a fan of PJ Masks Boys? Time to get one for his birthday! This blue with bright colors PJ Masks umbrella for boys makes a perfect gift for any occasion. It easily opens and closes safely, features a decorated handle, nylon carrying cord and more. Being made with 100% polyester, it is also a great use under the sun.

7) Barbie Umbrella for Kids

Barbie Umbrella for Kids

Need something other than pink for your little girl? We have cartoon umbrellas of different colors for kids. These umbrellas for kids have a special built-in case that is designed to prevent water from dripping. There are umbrellas for boys as well that are uniquely designed from Marvel and more.

8.  Kidorable Pink Ballerina Umbrella

Kidorable Pink Ballerina Umbrella

A perfect gift for every ballerina. This pink Ballerina inspired umbrella for girls is made in 100% nylon from the USA. It also comes with a Velcro strap, easy and safe usage and a cap on the tips of the ribs to protect your daughter’s face. With a little ribbon on top, every little girl will look adorable by holding this up!

9. Paw Patrol Umbrella

Nickelodeon umbrella for boys

Let’s have a Nickelodeon umbrella for boys! With its cute animal cartoons printed on a dark to light blue tone, it is a perfect match for any school uniform. The umbrella is hand-wash friendly, 100% polyester and is made with safety caps. It’s a perfect use for both rainy and summer season.

10. Marvel Spider-Man Rain-wear Umbrella

Marvel Spider-man Rain-wear Umbrella

Fulfill a little boy’s dream by adding on his Spider-man collection with this colorful Marvel-themed umbrella. It is made with 100% polyester, hand-wash friendly and is designed that is suitable for boys aged 3-7. The umbrella also features a plastic safety caps including a decorated handle. If you have a little Spider-man fan in the house, surprise him with this creative umbrella on his birthday!

11)  Ladybug Rain Umbrella for Kids

Ladybug Rain Umbrella for kids

Although kids are naturally scared of insects, there are little brave ones who are fond of ladybugs with their cute polka-dots skin. With this, if you know your kid is a fan of one, it’s time to bring him one of these Polka Dots umbrellas for girls or boys! With its adorable eyes popping out, it brings a perfect match-making umbrella for any black or red dresses.

12)  Unicorn Umbrella for Kids

Unicorn Umbrella for Kids

It is indeed not a kids umbrella without unicorns! With a rainbow design on its print, it makes a perfect match with any colored outfits. This unicorn umbrella for girls has an easy open and close function and is suitable for all ages. I might as well add, it changes color in the rain too!

13)  Disney Cars Umbrella for Kids

Disney Cars Umbrella for kids

This Cars Disney-themed umbrella for boys is a must-have. It is made with 100% polyester that is perfect for both rainy and summer season. The umbrella is hand-wash friendly, imported and has a safe and easily open and close function for a more safe experience. If your kids are always up to for a race, might as well surprise them with this umbrella!

14) Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella

Totes Clear Bubble Umbrella

Are you looking for a kids umbrella that is both rainproof and windproof? This stylish cool bubble umbrella for kids makes a perfect choice. In addition, you won’t have to worry about your kids not properly seeing the road as it comes with a transparent texture that is completely see-through. It’s as easy as wiping clean with a damp cloth and is ready for use under summer or windy weather.

 15)  DC Comics Batman Umbrella

DC Comics Batman Umbrella 

If you have a little batman fan wearing his fierce mask on, this DC Comics Batman umbrella for boys makes a great gift on any occasion. It is made with 100% polyester perfect for both summer and rainy season. It also features a hook and loop closure, plastic safety caps machine-wash friendly and more.

Have you considered one of these cool umbrellas for kids yet? If you have any other ideas or found some cool umbrella designs,  comment down below. Keep in mind that rainy season is around the corner at all times, so let your kids stay dry with them fancy umbrellas!