Vintage Shelby GT 350 Replica Pool Table

There are many customized pool tables out there, but this one is really rare. And that’s because Mr. Carroll Shelby himself signed each copy, which makes it a perfect gift for a moto-geek! The Shelby replica transformed into a pool table is painted in Wimbledon white and Guardsman Blue stripes, with cherry finished rails and has a solid hardwood body. It’s producer proudly claims it was designed to “last as an heirloom for generations”. It is made from a part of real 1965 GT 350’s body, painted with top quality auto paint, along with chrome bumpers, alloy rims, tyres, and flashing lights. Each table is manufactured by professional craftsmen from the United States. Actually vintage automotive enthusiast is not the only target customer, as this table’s value will certainly increase and might be a very good investment. There are only 20 editions and some of them are already sold.  Though it’s hard to believe that someone who is not a pool and Mustang freak might really buy one of these. Each table is numbered – the lower the number, the higher the price. The cheapest one costs $11,995, and the price goes up to as much as $29,000 (there is the pool #1 at $39,000, but it was already sold). The Shelby Mustang is a high performance version of Mustang that was manufactured from 1965 until 1970. It is often mistakenly referred to as “Cobra”, which actually is a different vehicle originating from the same producer – Shelby American. The brand of Shelby Mustang was revived in 2007. This Mustang-themed pool table is not the first of its kind, there was at least one launched a couple of years ago, though it missed Mr. Shelby’s autograph and was way cheaper. Interested in geeky pool tables? Take a look at the ultimate dining pool table or Sofa and pool table transforming furniture. Thanks Ryan for the tip!