TARDIS Tattoo: A Doctor Who Fan’s Very Own Ink Time Machine

After seeing the TARDIS as a keychain, money bank and even as an iPad sleeve, it was time for it to be seen on skin.  Still, a tattoo depicting a flying TARDIS isn’t something that you see everyday.


Sometimes people develop so strong affinities (trying to avoid the word “obsessions” here) for their favorite elements from the popular culture that they decide to get one or more tattoos with those particular things.

TARDIS Tattoo 2

Of course, the tattoo needs to symbolize a certain part of the life of the person who gets it. In this case, the girl with the TARDIS tattoo explained that it is the equivalent of the travels that she has encountered in her life, as well as of the travels from the future.

TARDIS Tattoo 3

I doubt there is anything that can symbolize past and future travels better than the TARDIS. After all, the Doctor travels in the past and in the future in a non-linear way and the TARDIS stores the memories of each travel.

TARDIS Tattoo 4

This TARDIS tattoo was done in two sessions: one of 6 and one of 8 hours. During the first session, in November 2010, the outline was done, as well as a part of the blue design. The tattoo was finished during the second session, but a few weeks were necessary for the healing. It covers quite a large area of skin, as it stretches from the abdomen to the back. As the person who got the tattoo said, the TARDIS really looks alive on her skin, because the movement is quite realistic.

TARDIS Tattoo 5

Here you can admire the TARDIS tattoo in all its glory, as it looked after the healing was done. Of course, tattoos can be removed with today’s technology, but they still represent a way of imprinting on your skin for a long period of time something that you really love. If you liked this post, please check the Batman collage tattoo and the Iron Man arc reactor tattoo. Via: Where’s the TARDIS