Siva Cycle Atom Bike Accessory Gives Your iPhone a Boost

Biking already has a lot of benefits, but Siva Cycle Atom makes it even better by allowing you to charge your iPhone while pedaling. It also comes with a removable battery, so what’s not to like?

A couple of years ago I stumbled upon a bike-related comic strip on Scandinavia and the World. In time, SaTW has become one of my favorite web comics and I really think that Humon, the Danish girl who authored it is both very talented and very creative. The point of that particular strip was that in Denmark, it is said about the ones who don’t know how to ride a bike that they’ve been neglected as a child. I guess that’s the case for me, as I can’t ride one. On top of that, I’m far from being an Apple fan, so… One might wonder why am I writing about this gadget.

Siva Cycle Atom is in my opinion a very interesting concept that could easily make its way to other smartphones. It’s very easy to attach to the bike, according to its developers, but the rest depends on you. The amount of generated power is determined by your cycling speed, but at 0.5A and 5V, you might not get your USB gadgets fully charged that quickly, yet enough to place a call. The Atom weighs 300 grams, so it could be used even on the Tour de France without weighing down the cyclists. At 7.5” in height, 3.0” in width, and 1.2” in depth, Siva Cycle Atom will surely not bother anyone.

As an alternative to charging your smarphone, the Siva Cycle Atom could be used for charging the lights. That’s particularly useful if you enjoy cycling at night.

In my opinion, the best set-up includes a Siva Cycle Atom and an iPhone running Endomondo or RunKeeper. Pair your fitness app with EarndIt, and when you’re done cycling, you can use the collected credits either for buying various products or for donating to charity.


The developers of the Siva Cycle Atom bike accessory relied on crowdfunding to ensure the mass-production of their gadget. On May 23rd, the Kickstarter project was funded with $126,082, a lot more than the initial goal of $85,000. That being said, we’re looking forward to see some of these hitting the streets in the near future.

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