The Cordless and Slim DIGIT MP3 Player

The iPod and Zune pretty much rule the MP3 player market, but that doesn’t mean there’s no room for competition. This concept, the DIGIT MP3, player has a slick design and wireless earphones to offer you even more freedom.

The unique design also serves to further set it apart from the other popular brands, giving it a very distinct identity. The top half is dominated by a video screen, while the bottom bulges out and gives access to the various controls. It’s a strange design, but should make it easy to blindly skip songs or change the volume. The exceptionally thin device should also be able to fit in even the smallest pockets.

Digit MP3 Player 1

Digit MP3 Player 2

Digit MP3 Player 3

Digit MP3 Player 4

Digit MP3 Player 5

Digit MP3 Player 6

The coolest part about the DIGIT MP3 player, however, is the pair of wireless earbuds, meaning that you don’t have to hassle with cords. Cords can get in the way while working out, removing or putting on a jacket, or doing other everyday activities, so ditching them entirely means you don’t have to worry about situations where they’ll get in the way. This is just a concept design, though, so don’t expect to see it on the market anytime soon unless it really takes off. Concept or not, it brings some nice new ideas and a cool design to the front, and the photos even show some examples of what it could look like with different color accents. Overall, it has an almost Tron-like look, with glowing colors and straight lines.

The volume controls are in the wrong positions, by common design standards, but again since this is just a concept, that’s something which would be easily changed. If you enjoy Nuno Teixiera‘s design, make sure to let him know, and check out some of his other awesome concepts like the iView Dual Monitor or Pluma Track Bike.