Best Laptop Mouse for 2020: 10 Computer and Laptop Mice to Own

There has been a surge in demand for laptop mouse products on various eCommerce stores lately. With more people working from home and with more companies asking people to remain online for a longer time at home working on laptops has become a way of life. Most companies will continue to ask their employees to work from home even after the coronavirus crisis ends. For this reason, a lot of people are looking for a laptop or computer mouse in order to work more efficiently. 

However, it can get quite tricky to find the right mouse because all laptops do not support every mouse that can be found online. MacBooks have very different requirements white Windows laptops have their own set of criteria. Which is why it is very important to choose the right laptop mouse. No matter which laptop you have, nothing can beat the economic comfort of using a mouse. 

In this article, we have listed 15 best laptop mouses for you to pick from. 

VicTsing MM057 2.4G Wireless Portable Mobile Mouse Optical Mice with USB Receiver

laptop mouse

This laptop mouse helps you to change the cursor sensitivity easily. You can choose between 800, 1200, 1600, 2000, and 2400 CPI. Most come with a nano receiver and you do not need any Driver to install it. You can simply plug and play this durable and strong mouse. The mouse also comes with maximum hand feeling due to its contoured shape. It is sweat-resistant and skin-friendly as well. Grab it now

Jelly Comb 2.4G Slim Wireless Mouse with Nano Receiver

laptop mouse

If you get irritated by your most making noise, then this is the mouse you need to purchase. The Jelly Comb mouse works silently and is insanely portable. Perfect to be used with your PC, laptop, and MacBook. It comes in two different colors: white and gold. The best thing about this mouse is that it goes to auto-sleep mode if you do not use it for eight minutes. It can be easily woken up by clicking any button. In addition, it has what the makers claim universal compatibility. 

VicTsing Wireless Mouse

laptop mouse

This is yet another laptop mouse that avoids making noise. It has a height and structural design and reduces the click noise by almost 90%. It fits your bum well and is designed for a simple and minimalistic lifestyle. All you need to do is to plug and play and there is no need to install any driver. It’s a battery life of almost 12 months and is extremely durable. It also is the perfect companion for anybody who wants to play video games while they’re quarantined at home. 

VicTsing Wireless Mouse for Laptop

laptop mouse

This is yet another cool laptop by the same company and it’s perfect for those who desire adjustable DPI levels. It comes with a 2.4 G mobile cordless facility and has a power on-off switch which reduces power consumption. You can use this mouse with your desktop, laptop and even with your MacBook. The stylish black color makes it a perfectly fashionable and geeky accessory.

Logitech B100 Corded Mouse 

laptop mouse

For all our modernity and minimalism, sometimes still prefer old-fashioned products that come with wires and plugs. There is a certain charm to using gadgets with cards and mice are no exception. This Logitech mouse is wired and can be used as a USB gadget. It’s perfect for both right and left-handed people and comes in a stylish black color. It has convenient controls and there is no setup required whatsoever. Thanks to its full-size comfort you can hold it in a comfortable grasp and work all day and night.

Anker 2.4G Wireless Vertical Ergonomic Optical Mouse

laptop mouse

This mouse is very scientifically designed and is ergonomic. It encourages a healthy handshake inspired position. This results in reduced overall strain on your arm and wrist and eliminates repetitive movement injuries. It can be used with your laptop and also with your desktop. This mouse is perfect for those who like using MacBook as it’s designers minimalist and will suit the aesthetics of die-hard Apple fans. In addition, the mouse also has an impressive power-saving feature which makes it perfect for all day use

Razer DeathAdder Essential Gaming Mouse

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If you are going to work from home, it is very important to surround yourself with pleasing objects. There is nothing worse than an unattractive gadget that reminds you of your cold cubicle. During this quarantine and lockdown period, it is important to balance work and play. This stylish gaming mouse is perfect for playing video games and also for working from home. Most importantly, it looks great and will keep your mood in high spirits. 

PICTEK Gaming Mouse Wired

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Get another gaming mouse that not only looks good but also breathes light quite literally. This ergonomic USB mouse is perfect for any gamer who is quarantined at home and also needs to work. It comes with seven buttons and can be used in a wide range of computers. It is also compatible with the Linux and is black in color which makes it very stylish. All the buttons of the mouse are programmable and they support micro editing and meet the different criteria for various games. Most importantly, you can finish all your work without any interruptions right on your laptop. 

ANEWKODI Bluetooth Mouse

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If you were looking for a Bluetooth mouse look no further than this one. This Bluetooth mouse is perfect for your laptop and also for iPad Pro. If you have a MacBook Pro this mouse can make you more efficient and productive. Thanks to Bluetooth 4.0, you can expect a fast and stable connection. The advanced sensor design helps you to interact with your laptop quickly and intuitively. There are three adjustable DPI levels and it also features a slim design and a silent click. This is the kind of mouse that you would want to show off while working at a high-end cafe. 

Bluetooth Mouse for Macbook

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Like working on your MacBook, you will quickly realize that having a mouse with you will make you more efficient and productive. However, there are very few mice available in the market that are specifically dedicated to MacBook. Thankfully this mouse solves all your needs and is perfect for use with MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and iPad. It is rechargeable and comes with a type C adapter. It is skin-friendly and looks great. In addition, it can also be used with Windows laptops and desktops. Grab this mouse and beat the quarantine as no other person can.