Customizable Throne Makes Restrooms Irresistible

Smartwatches and smart forks no longer suffice, nowadays. In order to be part of our lives, all things must have this prefix, as the best of us never settle for less.

A smart toilet could not have been developed anywhere else but in Japan. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean it as a bad bad thing. It’s just that this country has made a reputation from inventing unusual gadgets. Inax Regio and Satis are two toilets developed to satisfy any and all the needs of people who are looking for a smart toilet.

The lid of the Inax Satis goes up automatically. I assume that this is done with the help of some proximity sensors. When this happens, the seat gets heated to a reasonable temperature. We all know how uncomfortable a cold seat can be, don’t we? Once the… user is seated, the sound module starts playing music from a memory card, while the deodorizer gets activated. The Inax smart toilets also flush automatically, but this isn’t really something I haven’t seen before. At the end of the process, the lid closes automatically, the deodorizer gets deactivated and the air purifier starts emitting ions in order to clean the air in the room.

As far as the smart aspect of this toilet, it derives from its connectivity with Android phones via Bluetooth. The interface is represented by an app called “My Satis” that enables people to control their smart toilets.

Grab yourself a good book and sitting on this throne will become an even better experience. Just as long as you don’t let other people know about your private lecturing habits. That would be something akin to the George’s Toilet Book sketch from Seinfeld. Because of this, it’s probably better to rely on an e-book reader, just to take the whole “smart” thing even further.

Thought that everything about this smart toilet is just peachy? Well, you couldn’t have been wronger! As I mentioned before, the bidet of Inax Satis can be controlled via Bluetooth. The problem with this is the hardcoded pin code requested for connecting the smart toilet to a smartphone. Since all the Inax Satis smart toilets have this code set to “0000,” anyone with the app installed on their Android smartphone can control the nearby toilets. Hopefully, the manufacturer will take notice of this hack and come up with a solution.

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