Smart Way to Conserve Energy with the GreenChip

The population of the world is ever increasing and development is taking place at a fast pace. Amid all this one thing that is required at all times is energy. This energy can be sourced from renewable as well as non renewable resources. To meet these needs every government is trying to explore means and ways to generate maximum possible energy but the demand is never ending. In such times how does one ensure a steady flow of energy?

Researching new sources of energy is commendable but what is also required is conservation. Arrangements and efforts ought to be made towards conserving the available energy and one very significant area is lighting. Every household, commercial set up and hospitality industry requires lighting. If conservation is practiced in this area a lot can be achieved. Steady efforts are being made in this area by GreenChip smart lighting solution.

The new smart lighting solution from NXP semiconductors not only promises energy saving but also makes lighting fun. It gives each light bulb an IP address making it accessible through various devices. Controlling a light bulb would be possible using a PC, a smart phone or even a TV.

It has been widely accepted by countries across the world that the incandescent bulb consumes excess energy, a great amount of which goes waste. This has led to its being banned in many regions. The answer lies in fluorescent CFLs or SSLs. This lighting solution from NXP incorporates smart chips in both LED and compact fluorescent lights. At the core of this lies the GreenChip smart chip that contains a CFL or SSL driver, standby power supply and the lowest power connectivity solution. This breakthrough technology ensures both these types of bulbs to function with an extended lifetime and fastest startup time enabling significantly less energy consumption.

The NXP chip set claims to incorporate the world’s best six-level stack ensuring the best and most efficient lighting solutions. This flexible solution enables the user to add extra lighting features too. As a user you can bring dimming effects, adjustments according to the time of the day, change in light color, and also a sensor to turn the light off when leaving the room. And all this can be done from a remotely controlled device. The features of the GreenChip bring about smart lighting solutions for the world making energy conservation not only easy but also fun.

In this world where every other device is made compatible for remote control why leave behind the lighting area. Not only is it smart but also environment friendly.

Now that’s how I would define innovation! If you think this is interesting, make sure you check Pac Man Light Cap Bulb, Tic Tac Light Bulb and the Light Pillow.

Via: Engadget