iPhones and Gaming Consoles, Unite!

What could be better than enjoying your iPhone games with the ease and comfort of a game console? Reminiscent of PSPs and Nintendo DS units, this iPhone concept brings you the best of both worlds. Designer Alan Li thought of this Apple gaming extension that converts your smart phone into a fun and versatile gaming unit in a snap!

Apple Gamepod 1

Playing games on the iPhone is truly a pleasure, but sometimes controls on the touch screen can be a little tricky to master. Alan Li’s concept, named the Apple GamePod, adds the ease of a directional pad and buttons to take mobile gaming to a whole new level. To use, simply snap on the extension to enclose your iPhone. All other features like the home button, standby button, volume control, microphone, and headset jacks are still readily accessible.

Apple Gamepod 2

Apple Gamepod 3

The Apple GamePod also doubles as a hard casing to protect your iPhone. Male and female locking parts ensure a secure fit, like transforming your iPhone and the extension into a whole new gaming device. The completed package does look like a Nintendo DS without the LCD screen, or a PSP minus the L and R buttons on top. Either way, your iPhone has never looked so gaming-ready.

For added gaming pleasure, the iPhone extension also comes with external speakers. So you can play your games, listen to music, and even enjoy your movies as loud as you want.

Apple Gamepod 4

Apple Gamepod 5

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Via: Yanko Design