Snapdragon S4 Smartphone Powered by Bug Circus Generator

Hamster wheels are so yesterday’s thing! The bugs are the future, or at least that is what Qualcomm wants us to believe, judging by the latest Snapdragon commercial.

The whole idea in the below video is to demonstrate how quickly smartphones based on the Snapdragon family of systems on a chip can be charged and how little power they actually need. A particular member of the Snapdragon family, namely S4, is in the focus, as it is the most recent addition to this line of products. The ones who are familiar to the older names might be a bit confused. However, they should know that Qualcomm decided in August 2011 to rename its systems on chip as Snapdragon S1, S2, S3 and S4. There will surely be more additions to this line, but the basic rule is that the higher the number, the more advanced features are packed into the chip.

Back to the ad now. It is fascinating how many different bugs Qualcomm managed to employ in this ad. The tools that are used by the bugs to generate power are also ingenious, to say the least. There is a wheel of death, which we are used to see in circuses where the acrobats are… well… humans.  Next, there are a unicycle and a treadmill, which can all be used for generating power, apparently. Besides preying mantises, which also appear in the tagline of the ad, Qualcomm also used darkling beetles and a tarantula. The latter is not really categorized correctly, as the tarantula is a spider and hence, a member of the Arachnida class. However, the creativity needs to be appreciated, so I’m willing to turn a blind eye on this. After the bugs get the battery to 100 percent, one darkling beetle needs to defy death, so it is tossed in a cannon that is controlled with the same smartphone  it helped charging.  It is finally shot through a ring of fire, but it gets to the other side unharmed, so this is a happy end. Since the entire story is set on Johann Strauss the Son’s Tritsch-Tratsch-Polka, Op.214, the overall feeling of the commercial is rather jolly.

I think it would be a good moment now for the human race to enslave these tiny creatures and put them to some good use. For the ones willing to defend them, there really was not any disclaimer in the beginning or at the end of the ad, saying that no bugs were hurt while shooting the video.

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