Soap Bubble is the Thinnest Transparent Display in the World

A soap bubble controlled sonically may actually be the thinnest transparent display in the world. How cool is that!

A simple soap bubble is currently the world’s thinnest transparent screen according to a recent article on the Popular Science website. It utilizes ultrasonic sound waves to change the soap-like film properties in an effort to display flat as well as three-dimensional images. Through the work of an international team of researchers, they have created this transparent screen, and when several of these screens are placed together, it can create a holographic projection.

The question on most peoples’ minds is probably, “Don’t soap bubbles easily burst?” And if you were a fan of blowing and popping bubbles like I was, you know they are extremely delicate. However, the bubbles used for the screen are made from a combination of ingredients that make it much harder to burst than the average bubble. In fact, the bubble is so strong that objects can go right through the bubble without popping it. It is controlled via ultrasonic vibrations that can change to reflectance and opacity of the bubble. Well, if you don’t want your bubble popped, I suggest you find out the recipe for this bubble creation!

Check it out below:

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