More than 5,000 Soda Can Tabs Used to Create Prom Dress

One girl kept tabs on her inspiration for her prom dress by thirsting for creativity in one of the oddest places you will find…the soda section of her local grocery store.

Prom is definitely considered to be a rite of passage for many high school students. For girls, especially, it is all about finding the right dress. Just two years ago one junior at George Washington High School in Aurora, Colorado decided to make her own dress and took inspiration from one of the most unlikeliest of places – the pull tabs from soda cans.

Regan Kerr opted to make this creative dress out of her collection of more than five thousands pop tabs. What started as a joke became an actual thing when months of hard work (and a lot of soda drinking) culminated in a one-of-a-kind prom dress. Kerr wanted her prom dress to “pop” and, well, made out of soda pull tabs, it most definitely did.

For those who are wondering how much studying and practice Kerr had to do, take note that this was the first time she had ever made a dress. Prior to this endeavor she had never even sewn two pieces of cloth together, much less thousands upon thousands of soda can pull tabs. The dress making process did not require a lot of skill, just moving a sewing needle down and up a lot. The biggest problem was the zipper; according to Kerr – “The zipper in the back became a problem because you have to sew around it and make sure you’re not interfering with the zipper.” In total, the project took five months to complete. Kerr took pleasure in showing off her cool design, especially to those who did not believe something like this would get made.

Thanks to Oddity Central for bringing our attention to this story!

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