Classy and Chic Star Wars Dress

There is this weird idea that geeks cannot be chic and that fashion and being geeky do not go hand in hand. This amazing woman at Cation Deisgns has created what could be one of the most elegant and classy geek-chic dresses that I have come across.

The Retro Star Wars Dress is made from original 1977 Star Wars sheets and the end-product looks nothing short of haute-couture elegance. The dress falls in a very classy manner and she even can sit on the lawn and form a beautiful circle with the hemline. The lady at Cation Designs used just $2 for the zipper and $8 for the sheets. Of which, she only used half of the sheets that she bought which means the total cost of this dress was just $6 in actual materials.

The designer maintains that she does not plan to create a similar dress again and her lengthy description of her dress is not very flattering. Most good designers usually find faults with their creations and Cation Designs is not an exception either. She is rather modest and even critical of her own skills and the dress that she has sewed. However, anyone with a good sense of fashion can see that this is almost the best geek-chic can get at.

The classiness and elegance of this dress reminds you of elegant skirts that are usually launched during spring-summer collections of high street labels. The only difference is that she is way too modest about her own skills and the material of the dress is Star Wars sheets from an era stuck in the past.

If this dress were to be created in larger numbers, I am sure many non-geeky girls would like to buy a piece as well. You could also take a look at Guitar Hero Scarves, if you prefer something less elegant. The 20 Pacman Fashion Items that we listed could be a great source of inspiration for both geek-chic hunters and fashion designers.