Stained Glass Iron Man Helmet

If the Avengers needed to class up their headquarters while keeping the super hero theme, stained glass featuring them would always be the best option.

With everyone praising the new Avengers movie (come on! it’s incredibly fun!), it’s not a surprise that we’ve seen an increase in Avengers-related productions, but Deviant Art member Michael McLane‘s hand-crafted helmet sets itself apart for being quite unique. This is a 3d rendition of Tony Stark’s mask and super-hero alter-ego, Iron Man, created in the style of the lamps of old.

The author mentioned to be willing to make commissioned lamps for as little as $700 USD, so now you know where that tax return money can go to. Happy spending!

Thanks to the Gizmodo team for the lead on this story. And let’s recap some of our latest Avengers stories with Marvel’s Avengers in a Medieval Setting and Retro Avengers 8-Bit Graffiti.