Spotify’s Soundtrack Your Ride Is Perfect for Road Trips

spotify's soundtrack your ride is perfect for travelers

Spotify seems to have realized the importance of custom playlists during long road trips. It just announced a new tool that creates playlists specifically for such journeys. Spotify’s Soundtrack Your Ride is the perfect answer to people who crave for intelligent playlists specifically made for their sojourns. The tool uses various attributes and custom preferences to dole out a list of songs apt for the moment. The tool has already received rave reviews.

What does Spotify’s Soundtrack Your Ride tool actually do?

Users first need to enter their starting and end points. Next, they need to specify with whom they are going to be traveling. Other information such whether one wants to sing along or just listen to music helps Spotify to create lists that are tailored for the occasion.

One can also choose moods such as being mellow, seeking upbeat tempo, and preferring melancholic tunes. Users can specify the kind of genres they wish to listen to. Spotify users who travel with children may ensure that explicit lyrics are turned off so that there are no unpleasant surprises along the way.

The playlist seems to pick up songs from one’s starred favorites, frequently listened to artists, and related musicians. It may be necessary to point out that Spotify’s road trip playlists are deliberately conservative, and do not stray too far away from users’ usual listening preferences. This may be due to the fact that people often drive better when they listen to music that they are familiar with.

Spotify’s Soundtrack Your Ride tool has some tough competition

Spotify has increasingly come under scrutiny due to its inability to keep up with other streaming services such as Apple Music. Though Apple Music entered the streaming market much later, it has slowly but surely caught up with its competitors and is currently one of the most popular streaming services available.

It is available even on Android, and has given sleepless nights to both Spotify and Google Music streaming services. Yet, Spotify is known for its intelligent algorithms and custom playlists. In addition, Spotify is favored by artists and musicians giving it an edge over other streaming services.