28 Star Wars Baby Clothes & Accessories

This Christmas we have more than one reason to celebrate since the seventh part of the Star Wars saga entitled The Force Awakens will finally come out ten years after the release of Episode III – Revenge of the Sith. With this jolly idea in mind we thought to give you a list of some of the most amazing shirts you can buy for your loved ones to make the holidays more enjoyable in a geeky fashion.

We chose shirts that are for small children and they make great presents for your babies or the babies of your friends. The new Star Wars movie will be in theaters starting December 18, so you still have a few days to get ready and get your tickets.

Star Wars Infant Baby Romper Bodysuit

Have your child dress like Chewbacca and maybe he will start sounding like one as well. This model comes in sizes from six to 24 months and is made of cotton. You can get this for parents that enjoy Star Wars and you can also choose a Boba Fett or R2-D2 model. The prices vary according to the size from $14.99 to $24.99.

Mini Wookie Baby Chewbacca Onesie

A baby should have a baby Chewbacca on his shirt and this one is really adorable. Adding to that, they come in four colors, to suit either a baby girl or a baby boy and they are made of Spun cotton with water-based inks for the print to ensure it remains soft. The sizes start from newborn to 24 months and you can get them for $17.96.

Star Wars Jedi in Training Unisex Baby Bodysuit

A great message and a hand-printed image on a short sleeve bodysuit, this one is made with eco-friendly inks and premium cotton and features a lovely image of a baby Yoda wielding a small lightsaber. Again, the sizes are from newborn to 24 months and the white color makes it suitable for both boys and girls, so you can get one for $18.99.

Star Wars Han Solo Guitar Solo baby bodysuit

Han Solo is one of the most beloved characters in Star Wars, but with a name like that it is no wonder that there are many jokes about him. Han Solo with a guitar is quite funny and this is really a great gift for the holidays if you know some parents with a sense of humor, a love of science fiction and a baby between zero and three months. You can get it for $14.99.

Star Wars Inspired Onesie

These handmade onesies come with the message Sith Happens on the front and a black and white picture of Darth Vader, while on the interior there is the message “welcome to the Dark Side”. You can get them in various other colors as well and they have short and long sleeved ones with sizes from zero to 24 months. Check them out here.

Star Wars – Kind of a Big Deal Yoda Bodysuit

A really high quality one piece cotton t-shirt that is also officially licensed and comes with an appropriate message: “I’m kind of a big deal!” and a drawing of Yoda on it. You can get this for $19.99 and it comes in a size of up to 18 months.

Stormpooper Baby Onesie

The Stormtrooper is one of the most iconic images of Star Wars and with a name like that the wordplay storm pooper is quite easy to make. These are great for parents with a sense of humor and you can get them for somewhere between $13.99 and $15.96, depending on the size.

Star Wars R2 Doo Doo Unisex Baby Bodysuit

Continuing the theme of word plays, this baby bodysuit takes the name of R2-D2 and transforms it into R2 Doo Doo while also featuring a small image of the lovable droid. They come in sizes of up to 24 months and are made of quality materials with a price of $18.99.

Star Wars Padawan Onesie

Padawans are Jedi apprentices, so it is the first rank when becoming a student of the Force and thus quite appropriate for a newborn learning and taking his first steps in life. These are handmade and of a great quality with the added bonus of being able to customize them in any way you see fit and can get them here.

Star Wars AT-AT Walker American Apparel Baby Onesie

These come in the Galaxy Blue color, so they are more appropriate for baby boys and the print on them looks like a retro At-AT from the time of The Empire Strikes Back and the first trilogy in general. The colors are water based and the onesie itself is organic and you can get them in sizes of up to one year from here.

Yoda Funny Bodysuit Wipe My Bum You Must

The Yoda drawing looks a bit scary but the message will make you laugh afterwards and the great thing about them is that they come in many colors (black, white, blue, green, pink or red) with sizes from zero to 18 months. Get one for $10.55.

R2-D2 Baby Costume Onesie

This onesie is quite wonderful for many occasions and can be a great gift for a baby shower or for Christmas for someone who likes Star Wars. They were made with eco felt and high quality cotton so everything is really safe and you can customize them with a name or other additions as well. Get one here.

Baby Girl

Star Wars Daddy’s Little Princess Baby Bodysuit

They say it’s a unisex apparel since it comes in pink, red and black, but with a message like that it is obviously more appropriate for a baby girl of up to two years old and they have a small image of princess Leia’s iconic hairstyle underneath. You can get one for $19.99.

My Star Wars AT-AT Pet baby bodysuit

With an amazing graphic presentation, this onesie is handmade and the only material is cotton with eco-friendly ink to make sure nothing bad happens to the person wearing it. You can choose a white or a pink one and they are both equally great so get yours here.

The Force is Strong with this One Long Sleeve Baby Romper

One of the most often repeated quotes from Star Wars, along with “Luke, I am your father”. This is quite hilarious on a baby romper and you have a quality design with many colors to choose from as well as measures of up to 18 months. Get one for up to $15.99, depending on the size.

Baby Creeper Jedi Powers

With the message “I get my Jedi powers from daddy” you will certainly have a daughter that will follow your fandom for the Star Wars saga. The great thing about them is that they are really comfortable and made from the best materials, coming in several colors and sizes of up to 2 years. You can get one for somewhere between $16.99 and $20.99.

Christmas Star Wars AT-AT

With Christmas lights, horns and a red nose, this is the most festive AT-AT in any far away galaxy and the image was printed with the latest digital printing technology, ensuring great comfort and a durable product. The nickel-free snap won’t give the baby any irritation and you can get them in sizes of up to 18 months from here.

Funny Star Wars Baby Onesies

These come in many colors and have hilarious messages such as Yoda saying “Pooping my pants right now I am” or “Come to the dark side… we have cookies”, making them great for a baby shower if the parents love Star Wars. You can get them for $14.99 with sizes of up to a year.

Star Wars Join the Cute Side Baby Bodysuit

This unisex onesie is quite simple and features a baby Darth Vader inviting you to join his cute side. Made of quality materials and hand-printed in Miami, you can get one of these for $18.99 with sizes of up to two years.

Luke and Princess Leia onesie

This baby romper features the most iconic characters from the Star Wars saga, starting with Luke and the princess and moving to the two robots, Chewbacca, Han and so on. They are handmade, so you can customize them to arrange the characters however you want, or take some out and the designers took great care to use baby safe thermo-flex materials that are comfortable and durable. You can get one from here.

Perfect for Twins

Long Sleeve Droid Bodysuit and hat

These look amazing but they only ship them in the US so if you are from there you can give your baby the look of R2-D2 with either a pink or an orange tone. They come in sizes of up to 18 months and if they are a gift for someone you can ship it directly to them from here. Since there are two models this is ideal for twins.

Star Wars Luke and Leia Baby twin bodysuit set

If the twins are a baby boy and a baby girl then a onesie with “Jedi in training” and another one with “Daddy’s Little Princess” will show everyone how much of a fan you are and since they are of a really high quality your children will get a really well-made and comfortable gift. You can get the set here.

Set of two towels Darth Vader and Storm Trooper

These small handmade towels are a great gift and are even better for twins. They are hooded and one is black with grey hood while the other one is white with a grey hood and you can ask for different colors as well if you want to or other custom features. Get them here.

Set of towels R2-D2 and 3PO

Following the same idea as with the previous ones, these feature the two droids and on the hood you have the message “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for”, a great Star Wars reference. The R2 one has a blue hood and a grey towel while the 3PO one has a cream color with a black hood and you can get them here.

Baby Boy and Baby Girl Hats

Milk Protein Cotton Yarn R2D2 Hat

Apparently this combination provides a thread that is softer than typical cotton and thus it is ideal for the delicate skin of babies. They are handmade and the R2D2 theme makes it great for fans of Star Wars, just make sure you take the right size. Get them for $17.99.

Baby Girls Yoda Hat and Diaper Cover

The crocheted set has a green hat with Yoda ears and brown ruffles. You can buy them separately as well, but they make a great gift since they are comfortable and will keep the baby warm even during the cold days of winter. Get it here.

Star Wars R2-D2 Infant Hat

The materials are cotton and heat transferring vinyl with a “one size fits all” design that is actually suited for babies between 3 to 12 months. The quality is really good so it won’t fade after multiple washes and thus are a great gift that you can purchase here.

Star Wars inspired Darth Vader Crochet Hat

This adorable model was handmade from yarn, crochet, felt and knit with sizes of up to two years. The Darth Vader design will actually keep the baby really warm since the layers are mostly double and you can get one here.

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