How to avoid Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens Spoilers

This week is critical for Star Wars fans, as Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is launching around the globe. Here’s our quick guide on how to avoid those pesky spoilers!

Star Wars The Force Awakens Avoid Spoilers

The release of Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens is a huge event for geeks around the world, and even not-so-geeky people too. This movie has been discussed throughout the year, and all things considered, we must give props to everyone at Lucasfilm and Disney for keeping the details on the movie plot so vague for all of us, something the creators of Batman V Superman could learn from. Still, the movie has already started showing in some locations, and now is when being on the internet and checking news websites starts getting dangerous. We still want to get to the movie as unspoiled as possible, and there are a few things you can do in order to do that, which don’t include staying away from the internet for however long it takes for you to see the movie.

Chrome users have available a variety of extensions they can use to protect themselves while browsing their favorite news websites. Some of those are Spoiler Alert, where you can set up a filter for everything related to “Star Wars: The Force Awakens”, or a much more focused Star Wars Spoiler Blocker, which is really agressive but good at what it does. There’s even a third app called Unspoiler, that stretches its effort to social media such as Facebook and Twitter, all the while preserving the browsing experience intact. What makes Unspoiler really cool, though, is that you can “save” the spoiler and open it back again once you’ve seen the movie, so you don’t miss anything.

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By its very nature, Social Media is a bit trickier – Unspoiler is fantastic at taking care of things, but it it’s only social media you’re worried about, there’s a really cool tool called F.B. Purity, a browser extension for Chrome, Firefox, Safari and other browsers that lets you filter out key terms. This is even useful once you’ve seen the movie, as you could use it in the future to block a political candidate, or anything else getting on your nerves. When it comes to Star Wars spoilers, though, all you need to do is input the proper terms in the Text Filter field, and this content will be removed from your newsfeed. The extension will display on top how many posts it has removed so far, and let you toggle between showing or hiding.

And while this is all very cool, most of these extensions only help those of us who are on desktop computers, so what about mobiles? TweetBot 4 app can be used for Twitter, and is an amazing tool, while on PC you can repeat the feat in  TweetDeck. You can even mute complete hashtags such as #starwars, #theforceawakens or whatever else you want. Facebook mobile, though, you might still want to avoid.


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