Star Wars BB-8 App Controlled Robot is the Cyber Monday Deal You’re Looking For

The coolest thing about Star Wars: The Force Awakens is the new droid that comes into our life: BB-8. As it turns out, there’s an awesome real-life BB-8 robot on an awesome Cyber Monday deal.

The Sphero-made Star Wars BB-8 app controlled robot¬†costs $99.99 on Cyber Monday, down from its original $129.99, a $30 (or 23%) discount, which is quite substantial, considering Star Wars desktop statues can go for a lot higher than the original price. But this isn’t a simple droid statue…

Star Wars BB-8 app controlled robot

The BB-8 robot is a fully functioning toy, and can move around, with you controlling it through the Bluetooth connection with your iPhone or android device. The connection allows gyroscopic propulsion up to 30 meters.

The app is a big part of what’s so cool about this BB-8 Robot toy. It can help you create an augmented reality by using your phone camera on BB-8 and view holographic recordings, while making BB-8 noises through your phone. For people who love to mess around a bit or feel like they’re in the Star Wars universe, it’s highly recommended, although kids who don’t necessarily need all that added stuff will really enjoy it too.

Star Wars BB-8 & Force Band

You can also acquire Star Wars Force Band, also on a Cyber Monday deal of $67.99 instead of $79.99 (For some reason the bundle of BB-8 & Force Band isn’t on a Cyber Monday discount, which is a shame), which enables you to control your BB-8 robot via hand gestures, making you feel like you’re actually one with the Force.

It’s worth noting that the robot is USC charged, and the induction charging, full-time, provides about 60 minutes of juice and action for the BB-8 robot. In our opinion, well worth the money, and you’ll have a blast playing with it, or with it and your kids.