Star Wars BB-8 USB Car Charger

It seems that there’s an endless supply of ideas for what to do with BB-8 in terms of gadgets and merchandise. And today? BB-8, the USB car charger.

Star Wars BB-8 USB Car Charger

So once again we meets the cutest and most useful droid from a galaxy far, far away. He doesn’t just rotate and look great: He actually helps you while you’re driving. With all of us spending every possible minute on our phone or tablets, we needs a charging port more than we need food or water, or at least it seems that way.

So just like BB-8 helped Poe Dameron and the resistance get the map of where Luke Skywalker is, he’s helping us keep our phones charged while we’re driving. I’m not sure what’s more important.

Star Wars BB-8 USB Car Charger 2

The BB-8 car charger comes with two ports and is compatible with anything that charges via USB: iPhones, smartphones, iPads, tablets, GPSes and anything else you might think of.

Besides being a charging item, it moves and makes sounds to keep you entertained (that’s what droids are for), and it includes an optical sensor lights up when plugged in to indicate power status. If you needed something to Geek Up your car and help you in life, this is the gadget for you. You can get it on ThinkGeek.

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