The Force is Strong with these Star Wars Corsets

For geeky girls looking to show of their femininity while still dressing up as a hottie stormtrooper or sexy Boba Fett, Star Wars corsets are all the rage!

I don’t know about you, but Star Wars cosplay does not often leave much for women. How many times can a girl dress up as an incarnation of Princess Leia, from the slave costume to her white dress? Seriously. There is not much to do. Most costumer are made for the…uh…male persuasion. But for girls who want to be geeky, sexy, and show off their love of Star Wars, there is not much. Well, until now. Made available by Etsy shop owner Damsel in this Dress, women can now lace up Star Wars themed corsets for parties, cosplay events, and other special occasions. Nothing screams sexy Boba Fett or Storm Trooper than a lace-up corset. I mean, a sexy Boba Fett the bounty hunter will probably catch a lot more prey than any other one!

And though Halloween may be over for another year, there are still numerous cosplay adventures you can have with this outfit. And with Disney recently buying Lucasfilm and the promise of a Star Wars VII, any geeky Star Wars fan girl can wear it to the premiere of the latest film…whenever it comes out!

(Via: Technabob)

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