Amazing Porcelain Portable Speakers with Surround Sound

There is nothing better than relaxing in a well furnished room and listening to music with the help of surround sound speakers.

However, it is always difficult to set up surround sound speakers because of all the wires and jazz. Unmonday is a Finnish company that seems to have a solution for this problem. They have just announced a portable Dolby surround sound, ceramic AirPlay speaker that can easily be adjusted the way you want to. It has an octagonal shape and by simply rolling it, you can change the audio channel of the surround sound.

If you lay it one side, you functions as a right-rear speaker and if you roll it towards the other end, it doubles up as a center speaker. It also has left, left-rear, mono and right-rear modes. The fact that it is made of porcelain and the fact that you must roll it to change the surround sound makes me a little skeptical. If it is made of ceramic, it can easily break. There is nothing given about the quality of ceramics but from what we all know, it breaks easily.

Nevertheless, the speaker looks incredibly good and seems to be very well designed. The Unmonday 4.3L speaker costs an astounding $499 if you pre-order it. The regular price of the speaker is $700 and is certainly one of the priciest speakers that I have come across. The project has received an investment of $1 million and from what we understand; it is a serious luxury product.

It would be interesting to see how it will be received by music lovers, iDevice owners and others. You can also take a look at the other ceramic speaker we wrote about. The Circuit Board Ceramic Speaker is one of the most beautiful that we have encountered. You could also take a look at the 19 Speaker Designs we had listed sometime ago.