Jabba The Hutt Inflatable Costume: Bring Me Solo And The Costume

Jabba probably isn’t the character with the biggest fan club around, but there’s no reason you shouldn’t be able to dress up as him if you want to. Yes, sir, your money is good enough!


Not even the fattest human on Earth could do a Jabba the Hut costume justice, so we need something to fill up the suit to make it more realistic and recognizable. How about air? That’s what the Forbidden Planet team must have thought when they put this up for sale. It goes for £71.99 at their website, or $53.85 at Amazon. The costume features a built-in fan that inflates the whole get-up, so there’s no risk of your suit suddenly giving up on you, unless you’re playing with needles or something.

Via: GeekAlerts

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