Star Wars Death Star Fire Pit

One of the coolest ways to get a fire going is by reliving the destruction of the Death Star with the Star Wars Death Star Fire Pit.


Not the first of its kind, this recent Death Star Fire Pit is a custom made fire pit, part of a high school welding project that got auctioned off. The winner of the auction gave it to redditor Alphacodemonkey as a gift, and he posted the pictures to Imgur and Reddit.

How was it made? The Sphere used to be a propane tank. One of the art students drew up the designs on paper. Then they cut it up using a hand plasma cutter. That was followed by painting it with a high temp engine black paint. The finish was attaching some stainless steel pieces.

The end result? One of the best fire pits you’ll ever get to see or use. One might say it’s not just a recreation of the Death Star, but also a recreation of how it blew up, thanks to the one glaring weakness that got exposed twice.

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Hat Tip: laughingsquid