The DAVE School Presents Star Wars Droids: The Jawa Adventure

So you say that the entire Star Wars saga wasn’t enough for you? June 2012 graduating class of the DAVE School brings you a bit more, just sufficient to quench your first for droids for a short while.

Fan movies are in most cases captivating, as it is very interesting to see whether the fans are able or not to extend the original stories in a plausible manner. Some movie fans that are certainly worth a mention are The Hunt for Gollum and Born of Hope, both prequels to J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings. The Star Wars saga also had its share of fan movies and the most recent one, titled Star Wars Droids: The Jawa Adventure, is without a shadow of a doubt one of the best.

DAVE stands for Digital Animation and Visual Effects, not to be confused with Dave Schools, the bass player of Widespread Panic. The June 2012 graduating class of this school spent 3 months to finish this 6 minute long clip, with credits included. Before starting to shout that 3 months is too long for such a short movie, people should first take a look at the clip. The story is creative and funny as any scene from the original movies that features R2D2 and C3PO. More than that, the animation is fluent and the special effects are beyond words.

At this point, some would start retelling the story from this short movie, but I do not want to spoil anything. I’ll just tell you that some parts are surprising and related more to Earth than to Tatooine.

You might also want to check out the YouTube, respectively the Vimeo channels of The Dave School. Both channels feature short movies made by the impressively creative students of this school. There is a small treat for Doctor Who fans there, as well, besides movies about Nazi robots, tofu, Zombie Aparkalypse and Mini Mate Star Trek. More than that, the website of the DAVE school also includes a Behind the Scenes page for Star Wars Droids: The Jawa Adventure. In fact, the website is well worth a visit, as the works of many other students are exhibited there. Star Wars Droids: The Jawa Adventure is not the first attempt of the DAVE School students at making a Star Wars fan movie, but it surely is a successful one.

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