Star Wars Occupation Flow Chart [Infographic]

If you’ve ever wondered if you were destined to be a Jedi Knight, Sith Apprentice, or a Bounty Hunter, this flow chart is for you. With six final decisions, this chart asks a series of questions before singling out one Star Wars career choice for you. Check out the chart, follow along, and find out where you belong in the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars Occupation Flowchart

The chart starts out innocently enough, asking if you consider yourself a rebel, which of course doesn’t necessarily tie you to the Rebel Alliance. After all, it turns out that a rebel with mental issues, a hunger for power, and a strong desire to brutalize Jar Jar Binks will likely end up a Sith Apprentice. Interestingly enough, many of the paths end up asking if you’re comfortable capturing people and/or aliens for money. Depending on which of the three answers you choose, you could be an Ewok Chief, Bounty Hunter, or Jedi Knight. I can’t say I imagined them being so close to one another, but I ended up being a Death Star Laser Operator, so what do I know besides how to flip switches and press buttons? As the chart also says, I’m fine with the boring work and the whole mass genocide so long as I get to wear a big, sweet helmet.

Lastly, if you’re a fan of dancing and bondage, as well as wearing space lingerie, there aren’t many career options for you unless you’d like to be a slave girl for Jabba the Hutt. You get free room and board, but if you fail a performance review you get eaten by a Rancor, so there’s that. Overall, it’s also a cool picture to look at, with silhouettes of familiar characters and vehicles from the Star Wars saga making up the background. If you enjoy this, make sure to also check out these Awesome Star Wars Helmets and Lightsaber Bookends.

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