Star Wars Jelly Belly Bean Dispenser

Starting the morning with something sweet is always nice, but starting the morning with a Stormtrooper dispensing you some candy is LEGENDARY! These are definitely the beans we were looking for! Give your belly some jelly with this sweet Star Wars Jelly Belly Bean Dispenser!

Star Wars-themed Jelly Belly dispenser.

This officially licensed candy dispenser is rocking some cool features, the ball is shaped as the Death Star and could hold up to 550 yummy Jelly Belly Beans, when you push down on the Stormtrooper the candy shoots down to the blue tube.

And if you’re hesitant because the empire is evil and all that, don’t be. First of all, Star Wars is made up, so there’s no chance these innocent stormtroopers might be trying to poision you with teeth rotting sweetness.

And even if Star Wars is real, the empire has no beef with you. You’re a loyal citizen/slave in the grand scheme of things. You’re not rebelling. You’re not stirring up Jedi trouble. You just want to live your life and get your sweets. It’s perfectly fine and safe, and also available for $24.99.

Obviously, that Darth Vader guarding the machine exit could be a bit daunting. But remember: Underneath all that intimidating machinery and black leather, he’s a real softie, who only wants to see his kids do well, and will do anything for them. That kind of guy won’t prevent you from having a Jelly Bean or 10 if you really want them.

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