Star Wars Reimagined as a Western

Of the many alternative art reimaginings Star Wars has gone through, this Old West edition with characters based on the original ones is one of the best we’ve seen in quite some time.

Done by Sillof (Website), the custom made action figures resemble in look, name and background story the characters from the Star Wars saga, only do it with a Western twist, in a series called West Wars.

Luke S. Walker / Luke Skywalker

Luke S Walker

Some kids who lives on the outer borderlands with his aunt & uncle.

Leah Orango / Leia Organa Solo

Leah Orango

The story on this version of Leia is she’s the daughter of a very rich ranching families, and one of the few families standing up to the sheriff (more on him later).

Hank Solomon / Han Solo

Hank Solomon

Quick on the draw, Hank is a smuggler who sells surplus arms to rebels south of the border.

Chewing Bear / Chewbacca

Chewing Bear

The companion of Hank Solomon, joining him after Hank once helped Bear’s tribe when sheriff Vardas tried to massacre them.

Sheriff Akan “Death” Vardas / Darth Vader

Sheriff Akan Death Vardas

A deputy turned sheriff, he works for the corrupt robber barons and railroad tycoons of the territory.

Bob A. Ford / Boba Fett

Bob A Ford

Bounty hunter, Wild West style.

Old Bennett Kennelly / Obi-Wan Kenobi

Old Bennett Kennelly

A former sheriff who got usurped by his deputy (guess who) and is now in hiding.

“Rusty” Ransen D. Dalton / R2-D2

Rusty Ransen D Dalton

The town’s blacksmith.

Clarence Peppero / C-3PO

Clarence Peppero

A talkative, slightly paranoid bartender in the local saloon.

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