Artist Makes Geeky Stained Glass Creations for Video Game Fans

Stained glass art has been with us for centuries, most people associated it with churches and historical buildings. The basic idea of stained glass is simply to color glass and by that form a decorative design and if you have a great idea you can truly take it to the next level and create some really awesome stuff. In this case Arjan Jelle Boeve thought to combine his artistic skills with his love for video games.

After exploring his work I’m impressed, there’s no doubt that Arjan Jelle Boeve is a very talented guy. He created these super geeky video games inspired Stained Glass pieces, and on his Facebook/instagram account you can actually see the working process, from the general idea on the computer all the way through the final piece.

Arjan creates some really neat geek inspired stained glass pieces and panels, most of his work focuses on video games inspired stained glass art, especially Pokemon. His mission is to create all of the Pokemon characters. If you’d like to support his mission find out more details hereAll of the designs shown here including some more awesome stuff can be found and purchased on his Etsy Store.

so without further ado, checkout this brilliant work!

Pokemon Themed Stained Glass

Pokemon stained glass art copy

Super Mario Stained Glass Question Block Lamp

super mario stained glass question block lampSuper Mario fans will love this one. It’s pretty cool to see the whole process on how this question box lamp was made, super cool.

geeky Super Mario themed Stained Glass creations.But this one is for sure one of my favorites, “In Case of An Emergency Break Glass”, I’ll gladly hang this one at my home office!

geeky super mario In case of an emergency break glass

The Legend of Zelda

The legend of Zelda stained glass art

Zelda fans are also taken care of just look at these stunning Zelda themed stained Glass art.

Star Wars Stained Glass Inspired Art

Star wars  inspired glass piece artStar wars fans are also getting some attention here, as always it’s hard to be a full committed geek without some Star Wars reference. Although most of his creations are taken from the video games world, for us, a true geek always have a weak spot for Star Wars also.

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