Star Wars Church Key Opens Bottles When the Force Can’t

Jedi masters were not particularly known for being heavy drinkers. Assuming that they stumbled upon a bottle of beer at some point and couldn’t use the Force to open it, a lightsaber bottle opener like this would’ve been the perfect tool.

The Star Wars lightsaber bottle opener will be on sale at Entertainment Earth, an online store that intends to bring Hollywood to your home. It will cost $14.99, and since it has exactly the shape (but not the size, cause that would’ve been ridiculous) of a genuine lightsaber, it is safe to assume that this is an officially licensed product. Wholesale pricing is also available, in case resellers are interested in providing geeky drinkers with the equipment they need.

There’s a detail I don’t like very much about the design of the package the church key comes in. The wrapper features Darth Maul at the top and Luke Skywalker at the bottom. In case you’re not familiar with the Star Wars saga, the former is from the most recent trilogy, which presents the beginning of the story, from a chronological point of view, while the latter is present in the older trilogy, which features the end of the saga.

The manufacturer probably wanted to suggest that this bottle opener is equally adequate for Sith Lords and Jedi Masters. There’s nothing wrong about that, as both parties used lightsabers as their weapons of choice, the only difference being the color of the laser. Still, they could’ve gone with Darth Vader, since he is the main antagonist in the first trilogy, he is better known than Darth Maul, and not at last, he’s Luke’s father! There, I’ve spoiled it for you, if you didn’t care to watch Episodes IV, V and VI in the past 30 years.

The bottle opener is still appealing, not only because of its shape, but also because of the sound effect it comes with. When opening a bottle, this little gadget will mimic turning on a lightsaber. This particular detail will be a major selling point for the Star Wars lightsaber sound effect bottle opener. Hopefully, the materials used by the manufacturer for making this gadget will be of decent quality, despite the small price that it carries.

Once the Star Wars bottle opener is available, get one and head to the nearest bar! May the Force be within your bottle! Usually, it’s exactly the opposite, but who knows?

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